Hello everyone at Washington Memorial Chapel,

Fionn, Liam, and Ryan  continue the cleanup at the Chapel and the cemetery grounds, and they are making great progress.

The Chapel roof is safe, however we had a water leak in the Priest’s dressing room and bathroom, and the ceiling fell in. We found that a hole that one of the many tree limbs that fell on the Bishop White’s Library roof and above the bride’s room and Priest room during one of the three storms did the damage. We had the hole repaired and will need the repairs done to those rooms.

The Reopening Committee, working with the Bishops office, is trying to have a live stream of services from inside the Chapel soon. This will just be a Priest, the organist, and maybe a reader and someone recording the service. We hope in the next few weeks to have this happen. 

The Vestry is now meeting virtually on Zoom, instead of by conference call.

We hope everyone is staying healthy and we thank all that continue to support the Chapel each week with their offering and tithes. The Cabin Shop has limited service at the door, still the best hotdogs in Valley Forge Park. The Summer Carillon concerts have been held successfully the last four weeks with limits on the size of the crowds. 
I need to thank this Vestry who are all volunteers and working hard to keep everything going at the Chapel. 

We have a dedicated Staff who everyday work hard trying to make things happen here.

The Search Committee is working to someday have a new Priest here at Washington Memorial Chapel.

Please keep healthy and God Bless you all,

Stan Sarnocinski, Jr.
Rector’s Warden

You may reach Stan at:

Washington Memorial Chapel