As most of you know the storm June 3rd did extreme damage to the cemetery – over 30 trees down or uprooted. As happens when trees fall in a cemetery, they frequently damage the memorial stones. And this was not the end of it. With other storms over the past 40 days we have lost other trees which were weakened by the initial storm. With all this comes branches and other tree debris which has to be cleared before the areas can be mowed. No sooner cleared and another storm hits!

A lot of the work has been done by the in-house crew, volunteers and contractors. The last of the large and dangerous  trees will be removed by a contractor with heavy equipment. At the same time we will be getting estimates on the repairs to the damaged memorials.

We expect that insurance will cover some of the costs but definitely not all. There are very definite limits on what they will pay for. This leaves the Chapel with what looks like a sizable bill. At this time the estimate for final cleanup and the repair of memorials is around $90,000 to $100,000. We hope that the repair of memorials is less than estimated. That would help.

I am pleased to say that early on a few members from the congregation donated $30,000 to help with the cleanup. This is very much appreciated. If anyone else is able to donate it will be deeply appreciated. If you can help please mark any donation for “The cleanup of the cemetery.” Thank you to all for your understanding as we continue this difficult process. If there are any questions I can be reached by phone at: 267-613-8250 or email

Dick Doherty
Chairman Cemetery Committee

Washington Memorial Chapel