2018 State Services

Our State services celebrate the freedoms which we enjoy in these great United States of America. They are organized by the Daughters of the American Revolution, The Sons of the American Revolution and the Children of the American Revolution Societies.  We remember all who have given of their time, talent and lives to insure this freedom for all. The State services are sung by the Chapel Choir. Please come and join us in the celebration of our states.

Service Date       State or Commonwealth Time & Type of Service
June 10, 2018 Delaware    11:45 Morning Prayer
September 16, 2018  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania 11:45 Morning Prayer
October 21, 2018 District of Columbia / Maryland / New York 
11:45 Morning Prayer
November 4, 2018 New Jersey / Commonwealth of Virginia 11:45 Morning Prayer
 November 18, 2018 Colonial Dames of America Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  2:00 Morning Prayer