The Essential 50 from the New Testament, will begin December 27!

Dear Friends,

What an awesome journey through the most essential passages from the Old Testament over the last ten weeks.  It was such a great experience journeying with close to 50 persons from the Chapel enriching our lives with God’s Word.  We will begin Part II of the Essential 100 bible challenge beginning the week of December 27, 2021 and going through March 5, 2022. 

If you are interested in reading the Essential 50 passages from the New Testament with us but did not read the Old Testament, NO PROBLEM!  Please sign up and find a support group to attend to reflect with others on what you’re reading.  If you have already signed up and have been doing the Essential 50 Old Testament, there is no need to sign up again. 
This Essential 100 Bible Reading Challenge is for all ages.

Here are some Bibles I recommend:

The New Revised Standard Version – This is the version we use for the majority of the readings in Mass and for The Daily Office in the Episcopal Church.  It is what is referred to as a “dynamic equivalent” translation of the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.  A dynamic equivalent is different from a “Word-Literal” translation in that it is as literal as necessary and as free as possible.  If you were looking for a more word-literal translation, the New American Standard Bible is about as good as it gets – it is as free as necessary but as literal as possible.

The Revised Standard Version – Based on the same manuscripts as the newer version we currently use in worship, but with much of the traditional language intact.  The RSV is a beautiful dynamic equivalent translation of the bible.  The NRSV made the RSV more expansive in language. 

The Authorized Version (commonly referred to as the King James Version) – For those hard core Anglicans who love the poetry of the KJV. (When reading the Psalms, we love the Coverdale version – it is what our current Psalter is based upon and it was the Psalter of all of our previous editions of the Book of Common Prayer).

The Common English Bible – The Common English Bible is a newer translation that also falls in the Dynamic Equivalent category but errs on the side of “free as possible” even more so than the NRSV.  It is a wonderful translation for Bible reading but not so great for public reading in worship.   

For Youth and Older Children:

The Spark NRSV Bible -This is a great bible for youth as it invites them to engage the text.  Where study bibles provide interpretive commentary, this one calls forth creativity in connection with the biblical texts. Many adults find this to be a preference as well. 

For Younger Children:
The Spark Story Bible – makes the stories of Scripture assessable to children by retelling the stories in age appropriate ways with wonderful art on every page. 

The Jesus Story Bible –  This is my favorite children’s bible to read.  I enjoyed reading this one to my children when they were younger.  It is a simply well written and tender and perfect for young children.  

Find your favorite bible, and let’s begin this journey together. HERE IS OUR READING PLAN
Please let me know if there is any way I can be helpful for you and your family as you begin this journey together.  Each Sunday between the 8 and 10am Masses, I will be leading “Rector’s Forum” where we will discuss the lessons each week.  Also be on the look out for signups for E100 support groups.  We have four or five parishioners who will host gatherings to discuss what you’re reading. It is not meant to be in depth bible study; rather, it is an opportunity to get together and just talk about what you’re discovering and how God is speaking to you through his Word.

Grace and Peace,
Fr. Tommy

You may sign up for a Support Group here: 

Rector’s Forum 

Marcia’s Group

 Pat’s Group

 Gardiner’s Group

 Fr. Steeve’s Group

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