Christian marriage is a joyful, heartfelt and public covenant between two people made in the presence of God. As couples prepare for their wedding, our aim is to help and lend support, encouragement, and affirmation during the preparatory time and at the time of the marriage. The anticipation of a wedding is such a delightful time. The focus is on the future, a new kind of future for the couple, their families and their extended families.


Who may be married?

  1. Couples of whom at least one party has received Holy Baptism
  2. Couples who are members of a church or exploring membership at a church.

Policies and Fees

  • Marriage and wedding must conform to laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • If you are interested in having your wedding here at Washington Memorial Chapel, please fill out the inquiry form below. We will then send you the fees and other pertinent information.

Scheduling a Chapel Wedding

Chapel weddings are scheduled for select Saturdays at 3pm and are subject to availability. Smaller “Boutique Weddings” are also available and are scheduled on Fridays at 4pm.  To begin the process, please complete the inquiry form:

Wedding Inquiry Form

Chapel Recommendations

We are happy to recommend trusted local caterers, restaurants, florists, photographers, and musicians who are familiar with the Chapel and go above and beyond to make your special day incredible! For recommendations, please email our Communications Coordinator.

Washington Memorial Chapel